Our Skill Sets

Skill Sets

We have a wide range of skilled employees, from graphic designers to web developers. The versatile skills help us to provide top notch services. We also have a rigorous quality policy and tools to provide zero-tolerance, quality services. We are skilled in delivering the following fields:
Image Manipulation

Most of our professionals are highly efficient in image manipulation. They are capable of providing various services such as : Clipping Path, image masking, image shadowing, product image processing, image restoration, image cleaning and cloning.
Low and High End Image Retouching

We also provide low and high end digital retouching in bulk. Our professionals are capable of providing complex retouching services such as : glamour retouching, fashion retouching and image effects creation.
Digital Illustrations and Conversion

We provide digital illustration services, which can be available in both raster and vector format. We also are capable of converting or illustrating vector images from raster copy.
Creative Graphic Design

We have top notch creative graphic designers who are capable of designing various types of outputs for both print and web media. The creative graphic design services we provide are: Corporate Identity Design, Advertisement Design, Print Media Layout Design (Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters, etc.), Web Graphics, etc.
Typography and Prepress

We have various professionals who are capable of providing various typography and prepress services; however, since most of our services are offered online, we only concentrate on online prepress services. The typography and prepress services we provide are: Color Separation, Image Enlargement, Typography Design, Print Media Optimization, etc.
Print Media Specialists

We have various print media specialists who provide support for print media output various trainings for employees. They are also specialized in new print media technologies and the graphic design sense of clients from Europe and North America.
Digital Marketing (Print and Web) Specialists

We also have digital design and marketing specialists who understand your marketing needs and also can help you to drive a better marketing strategy through design. We are proficient in providing intelligence service for both print and web media.
Web Designers

We have professionals who have great sense of design for web media.
We have people who are capable of designing websites as well as optimizing images for use in web media.
We have a large setup for providing large scale image optimization for ecommerce websites.

Web Developers

Our web developers are proficient in web media-based languages like:worldpress, HTML, XHTML and CSS. Our web developers are also proficient in working on multi-platforms and multi- operating systems for multiple devices.
Network Administration

We have professionals proficient in working with iOS, Windows, a providing Network and Server Administration. They help provide smooth delivery of services as well as ensuring secured and safe file sharing.
IT Project Management

Operating Systems

We have proficient people who can work on various operating systems such as : iOS, Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu. We also have working experience utilizing various premium and open source software in these operating systems.

We have professionals who are skilled in using the following software:

Adobe Creative Suites
Page Maker
Quark Express
Microsoft Office Suites

And more